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PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol)

PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol)

PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol powder) is selected polyvinyl alcohol, using liquid nitrogen as the medium, pulverized and processed in a low temperature environment.

Physical And Chemical Propertices

PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol)
Average degree of polymerization(DP)2400-2500
Molecular weight( Mn)118000-124000
Volatile(wt%)< 5
Ash(wt%)< 0.5
PH value5-7
Fineness (mesh)> 120 mesh

TypeMain Application
24-88PCement mortar, putty additives, re-wetting adhesive,PVC, PS suspension granulating agents,Thickeners, fluorescent screen sensitive adhesive.
17-88PCement mortar, putty additives, PVAC emulsion, re-wetting adhesive, cosmetics, halftone photographic film
05-88PCement mortar, putty additives, filament yarn sizing agents, PVAC latex, coated paper coating agents, zinc plate printing photographic film, re-wetting adhesive.

Application Field

Interior wall putty powderTile adhesive
Dry mortarInsulation wall adhesive
Thin layer adhesiveFlexible adhesive
Mineral gray paste

Double Bulls HEC’s advantage:

Film-forming abilityInsulation
Oil resistanceAbrasion resistance
Gas berrier properties

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