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RDP (Redispersible Emulsion Powder)

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)

Redispersible Polymer Powder, also called RDP or VAE RDP, is a free-flowing and water-soluble white powder.


Product Specification
Chemical NameEthylene-vinyl acetate powderUnit
ExteriorWhite free flowing powder
Protective colloidPVA%
Solid content97-99%
Ash content10±2  13±2   15±2
Bulk density300-500g/l³ 
Particle size≥80μm 
Film forming temperature0-5℃ 

ModelGradeRecommended Applications
SN3060 RigidTile adhesive; Masonry mortar; Self-leveling mortar; Water-proofing Mortar; Repair mortar; EIFS adhesive
SN3080Flexible  Cement Plaster; Wall putty; Grout; Emulsion-based material  

Double Bulls RDP’s Advantage: 

– Supply excellent flexibility                    – Improved workability
– High bond strength                        – Reduce water absorption 
– great durability and abrasion resistance       – Excellent rheology 
– Increase adhesive/cohesive strength            – Higher flexural strength 
– Improved water retention capability and open time

Application of RDP 

– Tile adhesive/joint filler      – Skim Coat (Putty) 
– Self-leveling mortar         – No Shrink Grout 
– Repair mortar           – Exterior wall insulation mortars

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