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Property of cellulose ether

Chemical stability of cellulose ether

Cellulose ether is easily affected by cellulase and microorganism. 

The difference chemical stability of cellulose ether are mainly etherification degree and  substitution homogenization. 

Because, differential etherification degree and homogenization substitutionary on cellulose ether lead to the difference on water retention rate of mortar when cellulose ether used in dry mixed mortar. In practical material application, mortar is often used for construction under high temperature (Above 35 degrees Celsius) condition. And the temperature of the substrate is also relatively high. For example exterior wall putty, plaster, sticking ceramic tile in summer.

●Water retention of cellulose ether in mortar

Water retention is the most important feature of cellulose ether in building materials. Keeping enough moisture in mortar can be satisfied with work-ability over a long time range. Water plays a lubricating and stirring role in the inorganic composition. The addition of a small amount of cellulose ether can keep enough water in the mortar for a long time to promote continuous hydration of cement and improve mortar and substrate adhesion, due to the water retention effect of cellulose ether.

What does the water retention of mortar depend on, then determined the dosage of cellulose ether in mortar?

1. Cellulose ether content

2. Water absorption of substrate

3. Component of mortar

4. The thickness of the mortar layer

5. Water requirement for mortar

6.Setting time of the adhesive

●Effect of cellulose ether etherification degree and temperature on water retention

A. The solubility and temperature of cellulose ether in water dependent on the degree of etherification.

B. As the temperature increases, the water retention decreases.

C. The higher the degree of etherification of cellulose ether, the better the high-temperature water retention of cellulose ether.


Usually, the temperature of fresh-mixed mortar is below 35 degree Celsius when in use. But under special climatic conditions, temperature can reach or even beyond 40 degree Celsius. 

In this case, it is necessary to adjust the formula, considering not only other component but also the selection of appropriate cellulose ether.

●Active component of cellulose ether

Active component of cellulose ether means the active ingredient of cellulose ether. The higher the active component of cellulose ether, the greater effective application in mortar.

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