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Water retention of cellulose ether

Water retention is an important property of methyl cellulose ether. It is also an important property for many domestic manufacturers of cellulose ether powder, especially those in the south where the temperature is high.Factors that affect the water retention effect of mortar include the additive amount of MC,  the viscosity of MC, powder fineness,the temperature of the usage environment,etc.

 1. Effect of additive amount on water retention

        The water retention of mortar increased with the increase of MC additive  amount.




Eg. Waloce l MW 40000PFV.Variation curves of mortar water retention with different additive amounts of tetra-cellulose


        Relationship between MC water retention and viscosity  (2%solution,20℃,shear rate D=2.5cm/s.)                      

2.Influence of viscosity on water retention

   The water retention effect of MC increases with viscosity.

3.Effect of fineness on water retention

  Water retention of MC is related to powder fineness,generally speaking,fineness fine particles retain water better than coarse ones.

4.Effect of temperature on water retention

  The water retention of MC is related to the temperature at which it is used, and the water retention of MC decrease with temperature increase.  

image.png                 image.png

 Effect of particle fineness on water retention of MC                                                    Effect of use temperature on water retention of MC

5. Practical material application

In practical material applications, many environments where mortars are often constructed on hot substrates in high temperature conditions. example: plastering of external walls in summer with sun exposure, which accelerates the solidification of the cement and the hardening of the mortar.Reduced water retention leads to effects on both application property and cracking resistance,reducing the influence of the temperature factor becomes especially important under these conditions.

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