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Double Bulls passed 2023 SGS Supervisory & Audit

Double Bulls Quality and Environmental Management System 

Successfully passed the 2023 SGS Supervisory & Audit


On December 11-12, 2023, two experts from SGS International Standards Technical Services Company conducted the annual audit of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System (hereinafter referred to as QEMS system) of Double Bulls. After an intense and orderly evaluation by the expert group, Double Bulls "QEMS system" successfully passed the 2023 SGS Supervisory & Audit.

During the two-day audit, according to ISO9001:2015/ISO14001: 2015 standard and the company's system documents, applicable national laws, regulations, standards, etc., the audit-team experts made a spot check on the company's senior management and six management departments, the relevant controlled documents and process performance of three production workshops. Further more, they went deep into the production area to conduct a comprehensive inspection and systematic, detailed and strict review of the operation and maintenance of infrastructure, equipment, safety protection and implementation of process and technical operating procedures, and also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. Participants from all departments benefited a lot this time.

At the final meeting of this audit, the audit team not only gave a full affirmation of our "QEMS system" operational performance, but also they have put targeted improvement suggestions for some safety hazards, risk points and other shortcomings that affect the operation of the system. The audit team believes that the management departments of Double Dulls attaches great importance to quality, environmental protection, safety and other work. By increasing the investment of resources and other measures, it ensures the continuous improvement of the company's performance. The company's system operates effectively and has been continuously improved. It is in line with the "ISO" standards and company's system documents. "QEMS system" certificate remains valid.

The annual supervision and audit of "QEMS system" is not only a comprehensive assessment of our company's system operation, but a favorable opportunity to continuously improve the company's management level and enhance core competitiveness. Double Dulls will strictly follow the requirements of "QEMS system", consolidate and continue the good practices, conscientiously implement the audit team's opinions and suggestions put forward, make up for shortcomings and strengths and weaknesses, draw inferences from one and implement them, and promote the continuous improvement of the "QEMS system". Let’s promote the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the company with the standardized operation of the system.

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